How to screenshot on windows

Taking a screenshot on a Windows computer is a simple process, and there are several methods to do so. Here are the most common ways to take a screenshot on Windows:

  1. Using the Print Screen (PrtScn) Key:
  1. Press the “PrtScn” key (sometimes labeled as “PrtSc” or “Print Scrn”) on your keyboard. This will capture the entire screen and save it to the clipboard.
  2. To capture only the active window, press “Alt + PrtScn” instead.
  3. Using the Windows Key + Print Screen Key:
  4. Press the “Windows” key + “PrtScn” simultaneously. This will capture the entire screen and automatically save it as a screenshot in the “Screenshots” folder within the “Pictures” directory.
  5. Using the Snipping Tool:
  1. Open the “Snipping Tool” application. You can usually find it by searching for “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar.
  2. Click on “New” in the Snipping Tool window.
  3. Select the area of the screen you want to capture with your mouse.
  4. Once you’ve captured the desired area, the screenshot will appear in the Snipping Tool window. You can then save it to your computer.
  5. Using the Snip & Sketch Tool (Windows 10 and later):
  1. Press “Windows + Shift + S” to open the Snip & Sketch tool.
  2. Select the type of snip you want (Rectangular, Freeform, Window, or Fullscreen).
  3. Click and drag to capture the desired area of the screen.
  4. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into an application like Paint or directly saved using the Snip & Sketch tool.
  5. Using the Game Bar (Windows 10 and later, for capturing games and apps):
  1. Press “Windows + G” to open the Game Bar.
  2. Click on the camera icon or press “Windows + Alt + PrtScn” to take a screenshot.
  3. The screenshot will be saved in the “Captures” folder within the “Videos” directory.

After taking a screenshot using any of these methods, you can paste it into an image editing application (such as Paint or Photoshop) to edit or save it as needed.

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